We are a producer and distributor of passive fire protection systems.
The aim of ALFASEAL is to introduce solutions that improve the safety and comfort of each of us.

We are at your disposal - we provide support in the preparation of solutions for atypical fire protection.

Our team of trained Technical Advisors operates throughout the country:
Innovative solutions, a wide range of products and technical support allow for continuous sales development.

We have divided our offer into two sections:
Products targeted for passive fire protection
of installation, lighting, linear joints, building structures, etc.
Components for increasing fire-proof parameters elements
of fire-resistant joinery.
PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION is the first department of the ALFASEAL GROUP Sp. z o.o. which exists since 2009.
It covers the entire range of passive fire protection. The offer includes both security for all
installations passing through fire zones such as flammable, non-flammable pipes, cable trays and
entilation ducts, which security devices will connect linear, suspended ceilings, doors and windows, and various types of fabrics.

FIRESTOP MATERIALS is the second department of ALFASEAL GROUP Sp. z o.o.
It was established in 2017 as a response to market demand for our solutions in the field of fireproof elements of fire protection joinery.

ALFASEAL Technical Department is a team of people who support our tema of Advisors and our Clients.
We organize trainings on construction sites or in your office.
We advise and train all participants of the investment process; both contractors as designers and inspectors.
We also cooperate with fire experts.

Our products have many documents confirming their high efficiency, in the form of reports on fire resistance tests and obtained technical approvals.
We are constantly developing our R&D department and improve the quality of our products. We invest in research and lead in innovation in Poland!
We have been serving you since 2009. We have gained many experiences on various sizes of construction sites.
We support investments throughout the country. We are proud, our company has gained your trust
and has become an important brand on the Polish market. Thank you!

Our products are used on many investments throughout Poland.

We invite you to get acquainted with our offer and to gain from our experience!