Firestop batt/coat ASTRO FLEXI BATT/COAT









ASTRO FLEXI COAT Seal is an acrylic-based sealant used to create a linear sealing for gaps in places where the floor structures occur. Intended application of Astro Flexi- Coat Seal is to restore fire resistance in gaps and joints between rigid structures. Used to prevent the passage of flame, smoke and sound. The product offers up to 120 minutes fire resistance. The sealant is resistant to weather conditions, vermin and fungi. Provides excellent protection against adverse effects of water, air, and smoke and has good acoustic performance. ASTRO FLEXI COAT was developed for use with stone wool with min density of 80kg/m3. After application it remains flexible to allow for thermal and mechanical movements of the building structure.

Compression tests:







Type of partition Type of substrate Deflection Installation Maximum width
Static Concrete, stone ± 5% Stone wool cut to the suitable size + 10mm 250mm
(500mm with bracket)


Concrete, composite cladding ± 20% Stone wool with the suitable size + 20%, installation when compressed 250mm

(500mm with bracket) Excessively movable Other types requiring excessive movement ≥ ± 20% Wool stone with suitable size + 20%, installation when compressed 500mm

1. Measure the hole

2. Add 10 mm to the measured dimensions. Cut stone wool to size, thickness min 100mm, density min 80kg/m3

3. Fill the void with stone wool. The top surface should be 1 mm below the floor level. If necessary, install the bracket (2 per 1200 mm).

4. Fill the remaining space with ALFA FLEXI COAT.

5. After installation the finished surface should be flush to the partition.

Type Size/Weight
Board 1000x600x50 [mm]
Paint 7,4 [L] = 10 [kg]


Europejska Aprobata Techniczna ETA 14/0048

Certyfikat zgodności 1121-CPR-JA5014

Badania ogniowe zgodnie z normą EN 13501