Firestop mastic ASTRO INTU MASTIC

  • Packaging: 310 and 600ml
  • Available colors: white
  • Fire resistance: EI 120 – EI 240
  • Installation in walls and floors
  • Glass point below -25°C
  • Remains flexible in temperatures between -20°C and 70°C







Acrylic mastic ASTRO INTU MASTIC does not contain chlorines, asbestos and solvents. It has a long shelf life and provides good sound insulation.



Firestop acrylic mastic ASTRO INTU MASTIC seals gaps around pipes and cables in service penetrations as well as gaps and linear joints in masonry, concrete and reinforced concrete walls and floors.


Do not use the sealant, if the ambient temperature falls below 5°C.

Clean the surfaces thoroughly of grease and other contaminants before applying the mastic. The mastic should not be used on substrates that exude oils, softeners or solvents, grease and other contaminants.

Exemplary installation:

Filling the gaps near the door frames, fire doors and linear joints


Filling the gaps when installing intumescent ventilation grilles


Filling the gaps when installing firestop collars and sleeves

Opakowanie Kolor
310ml White
600ml White


Badania ogniowe zgodnie z EN13501-1

Zgodność z Europejską Aprobatą Techniczną ETA 14/0050

Certyfikat zgodności 1121-CPR-JA5015

Deklaracja właściwości użytkowych DoP 1121-CPR-JA5015