Intumescent ventilation grille PYROK GRILLE

  • Fire resistance EI 120
  • Installation in doors or walls
  • Free area of min 75%
  • Layer thickness: 4mm
  • Thickness with expanded intumescent material: ca.15mm





Shutter-type ventilation grilles are based on intumescent layers that expand under fire conditions and completely block the gaps between the layers.

Due to the use of materials with special properties, passage of smoke through the grille and the spread of fire are prevented.

The foaming material formed as a result of expansion has excellent thermal insulation performance and becomes non-combustible when it is expanded.

Under normal conditions, the air flow through the grille layers is not blocked.


For ventilation systems and pipes, both natural and artificial [forced] systems.

For ventilation through doors or walls [door or wall ventilation], which requires a special level of fire protection.

For smoke and gas exhaust systems that can cause the spread of fire.

For ventilation of systems that protect cable tray shields, to remove heat produced by the cables and to ward off external source of fire.

PYROK grille dimensions are about 3 mm smaller than the nominal value (h & l) – in order to easily place them in covered hole. The grille should be placed centrally in relation to the thickness of the wall, partition or the door. Grilles are mounted inside the structure by means of screws inserted from the inner side of the peripheral walls (in accordance with the holes in the grille). Use steel screws 3.5 x 35 mm.


Wymiary kratki PYROK są o 3mm mniejsze od wartości nominalnych (h i l) – w celu łatwego umieszczenia ich w zakrywanym otworze. Kratka powinna być umieszczona centralnie w stosunku do grubości ściany, przegrody lub drzwi. Kratki są mocowane wewnątrz danej konstrukcji przy pomocy wkrętów, wkładanych od wewnętrznej strony ścianek obwodowych (zgodnie z otworami wykonanymi w kratce). Stosować wkręty stalowe 3,5 x 35 mm


Do not place PYROK intumescent grilles in areas exposed to temperatures continuously exceeding 40°C. PYROK intumescent grilles should neither be stored nor assembled in excessively humid places or in places having direct contact with water. PYROK intumescent grilles do not transfer the mechanical loads.

Standard dimensions: 100 x 100 mm to 600 x 600 mm


Typical dimensions starts from 100 x 100 mm up to 600 x 600 mm


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Deklaracja zgodności DZ 07/2013

Badanie ogniowe zgodnie z normą EN 1364-2 na odporność ogniową do 120min

Raport z badań nr 08/3230305

PYROK GRILLE produkowane są  w UE, spełniają najwyższe standardy jakości zgodnie z normą EN ISO 9001:2000.