ALFASEAL Firestop Systems as the first of ALFASEAL GROUP Sp. z o.o departments was founded in 2009.
It deals with passive fire protection as a whole. The offer includes both the protection of all systems passing through the fire zone such as combustible and non-combustible pipes, cables, cable trays and ventilation ducts, as well as protective products for linear joints, dropped ceilings, doors and windows, and all variety of fabrics.




We are a manufacturer and distributor of passive fire protection systems. Innovative solutions, wide range of products and technical support allows sales development in our country. Offered products have many documents proving the high quality and effectiveness, as evidenced by numerous reports of fire tests and technical approvals obtained.


The aim of ALFASEAL is to introduce solutions that improve our safety and comfort. Therefore, to complete the offer, we started production in our country.


We have a trained staff of Technical Advisors working throughout Poland and useful office facilities with Technical Support Departments. We organize training sessions on construction sites or at your place of business. Our aim is to advise and train both contractors and designers, inspectors, fire marshals and presentists.


We have been offering you our service for 5 years! We have gained a lot of experience on smaller and larger construction sites due to support of construction projects throughout the country. We are proud that our company has gained your trust in such a short time and become a recognized brand on the Polish market. Thank you!


We invite you to familiarize with the offer and take advantage of our experience!