Firestop foam ASTRO FR EC FOAM

  • Fire resistance up to 120 minutes
  • Protects against spreading of fire, seals pipelines and gaps
  • Perfect sound insulation
  • Easy to install without special tools






ASTRO FR EC Foam is one of polyurethane foam components which expands to fill and seal gaps. This product is fire retardant but not intumescent.

The foam cures rapidly due to moisture absorption from the atmosphere and has excellent adhesive properties.

After single application, ASTRO FR EC Foam binds strongly to most building materials such as wood, brick, stone, cement, plaster, polystyrene, metals and many plastics. The cured foam has entirely closed cell structure. It hardens to a semi-rigid form, which is both strong and flexible.

Prevents the passage of smoke, seals ground pipework, insulates against noise and gaps.


Main uses: joints/gaps in firewalls and floors, fire & acoustic sealing around lightweight partitioning, fire rated doors and service penetrations where the integrity and insulation of firewall needs to be maintained.


No special surface preparation or priming is required but clean the surfaces being in contact with the product of loose material, grease and oils.

Do not apply ASTRO FR EC Foam to teflon, polyethylene with silicone coating on the surface.

Shake the container well before use, mix the contents.

ASTRO FR Foam EC must be applied in layers so it be cured properly.

During the first few minutes after application, spatter material can be removed from the undesired (non-porous) surfaces by means of a suitable solvent.

The cure rate is dependent on temperature and humidity.

When fully cured ASTRO FR EC Foam may be removed by mechanical means.

Excess material can be cut off with a sharp knife or sanded.

Type Product code
750 ml hose AFFRECFOAM

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Badania ogniowe zgodnie z BS EN 1366-4:2006

Raport WF 308208/B