Firestop wrap ASTRO DUCT WRAP

  • Up to 2 hours of fire resistance
  • For use on PVC and PP cables
  • Resistant to moisture and frost
  • Easy to install





ASTRO DUCT WRAP swells on exposure to temperature (the intumescent inset expands inwards and fills the place remaining after fired system) and forms a tight barrier against the fire in the place where cable passes the wall.


ASTRO DUCT WRAP is supplied in the form of a wrap divided into 4 parts so as to facilitate installation on rectangular ducts. Flexible wraps with high performance intumescent material, encased in a polyethylene film used to wrap around the plastic ducts in walls or floors.


Be careful not to damage the polyethylene outer layer of the wrap. The thickness of the intumescent wrap inset changes depending on the diameter of the ventilation duct.

Make sure there is a free space around the duct and the part of the building. After installation of the wrap, fill the gaps with ASTRO MORTAR. Fit the wrap around the duct, in the bottom part of the floor or flush to the wall.

On one side of the foil there is left an unfilled portion with attached adhesive tape used to join the ends of the wrap and stabilize them on the cable.

IMPORTANT: PE film shall not show any signs of damage.

Wrap is filled with a properly rated intumescent inset.

Do not remove the intumescent inset from the wrap.

Fit the wrap around the duct. astro_duct_warp_02
Apply a special sleeve for installation on plaster wall. astro_duct_warp_03
Slide the wrap into the opening. astro_duct_warp_04
Use ASTRO INTU MASTIC to fill gaps around the duct. astro_duct_warp_05


Type Product code
110 mm x 54 mm AFIDW110
150 mm x 70 mm AFIDW150
180 mm x 90 mm AFIDW180
204 mm x 60 mm AFIDW204
215 mm x 25 mm AFIDW215
220 mm x 55 mm AFIDW220
225 mm x 25 mm AFIDW225
234 mm x 29 mm AFIDW234
300 mm x 25 mm AFIDW300
308 mm x 29 mm AFIDW308
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Aprobata NHBC

Badania ogniowe zgodnie z BS 476:20;22, BSEN 1366-3:2009, 1363-1:1999