Intumescent valve ASTRO FR CEILING VALVE

  • fire resistance up to 60 minutes
  • an alternative to more expensive metal fire rated valves/fire dampers
  • fits in the same way as a normal air valve
  • does not affect the air flow
ABOUT astro_fr_ceiling_02

Fire-protective expanding valves – type ASTRO AIR VALVE – are intended to build in the wiring lines of the general ventilation (inlet and outlet) of circle section. The valves role is to cut off the installation from the area affected with fire.

The valves are also intended for closing the openings exchanging the air between rooms which are divided by the partitions of the declared fire-resistance. The valve has tightness, insulation and smoke-resistance properties for 60 minutes


Thickness of the partitions in which the expanding ASTRO AIR VALVES may be used:  

  • 120 mm – for concrete / reinforced concrete walls,
  • 150 mm – for walls made of solid brick and cellular concrete,
  • 150 mm – for concrete floors


1. Cut a hole in the ceiling so that it corresponds to the diameter of the valve retaining ring  astro_fr_ceiling_03
2. Attach the duct to the air valve retaining ring and install the valve by use of the holes for valve screws  astro_fr_ceiling_04
3. Attach the main part of the valve to the retaining ring by doing a quarter turn and set the cylindrical interior in order to provide the required airflow  astro_fr_ceiling_05
4. Check if the valve is properly installed in the hole.  astro_fr_ceiling_06
TYPE Średnica Product code
S 80mm AFFRCV80
M 100mm AFFRCV100
L 125mm AFFRCV125
XL 150mm AFFRCV150
XXL 200mm AFFRCV200
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