1. The place of the Seller’s benefit performance is the place of the goods unloading. This shall not regard the cases if the goods are not transported by the means of transportation provided by the Seller – then the place of the benefit performance is the place where the goods are loaded. These rules shall also apply to the moment of the benefit performance.
  2. Should it be agreed that the transport is performed by the Seller, the Seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the agreed place without unloading them and provided that the access road is fitted to heavy transport.
  3. At the moment of releasing the thing by the Seller, the advantages and charges associated with the thing as well as the threat of accidental loss or damage to it shall pass to the Buyer.
  4. The agreed terms of delivery shall be binding for the Seller only if the Seller confirms the term of delivery in writing.
  5. The Buyer is obliged to immediate and professional unloading of the goods not later than within 2 hours after the goods are on the spot. The Buyer shall incur the costs of unloading. If the Buyer fails to make the unloading in the prescribed time of 2 hours, he shall also incur the costs of the vehicle demurrage with the driver.
  6. The Buyer shall have the right to specify another additional place of unloading the vehicle with the goods. If the delivery of the goods to the additional place of unloading causes the extension of the transport road or a significant increase of transport costs, then the additional costs of transport created due to that shall be incurred by the Buyer.
  7. In each case the Buyer is obliged to pay the costs associated with waiting for the goods unloading and any other costs and shall be liable to the Seller  for any damage resulting from such delay.
  8. The insurance of the purchased goods against the risk of its damage in transport or loss shall charge the Buyer if he arranges the transport on his own.
  9. Data regarding the freight are not of a binding nature. The prices are given on the basis of the costs of freight and consignment to be in force as of the offer preparation day. Later changes shall be accordingly credited to the benefit or burden of the Buyer’s expenses.
  10. The Buyer shall additionally incur the costs of the goods packagings for the time of transport, charges for packagings and pallets used for the transport of the purchased goods as well as costs created by the need of securing the transport or protection of materials.
  11. The costs and losses arising out of an unjustified refusal of the goods acceptance, including also the additional transport costs and risks, shall charge the Buyer.
  12. The goods may be returned only in case of confirming the terms and conditions of the goods acceptance by the Seller.
  13. Should the Buyer change the place or term of delivery after the order confirmation, the Buyer shall incur all the costs resulting therefrom.
  14. The Buyer is obliged to carefully examine the completeness of the consignment directly at the receipt and find possible shortages of and damage to the goods happened during the transport.
  15. The Seller hereby authorises the Buyer and the Buyer undertakes to meet all and every formalities connected with the complaint procedure associated with the transport of goods. The Buyer is also obliged to demand the carrier to make a note on the waybill on the damage or demand to draw up a damage report at the receipt under the pain of loosing compensation claims.
  16. Sudden external events unpredictable on the day of the agreement conclusion (force majeure) shall exempt the Seller from the obligation of keeping the assumed terms of the performance of the sales agreement for the period of their duration.
  17. Force Majeure is understood also as disputes among the employers and employees, including among the employees of the Seller and the Seller, strikes, disturbances in the operation of the supplier’s workplace not attributable to the Seller, disturbances in communication, or acts of state authorities hindering the performance of the concluded Agreement.
  18. General terms and conditions of transport described in the pricelists. The costs of delivery are compliant with the delivery group:

Group of delivery A – above 1,500.00 PLN net
Group of delivery B – above  2,500.00 PLN net
Group of delivery C – above  5,000.00 PLN net
Group of delivery D – on request